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First Impression: MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | February 15th, 2018

MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES [2018] #1Perfect for parents who want to buy comics for their children!

“SPIDER-MAN SWINGS INTO WAKANDA IN AN ADVENTURE FOR ALL AGES. Wakanda? You mean the home of the Black Panther, one of the world’s fiercest warriors and a member of the Avengers? That’s right. When Spider-Man’s archenemy Doctor Octopus goes on the hunt for the incredible metal Vibranium, it’ll take the combined might of not one, but TWO beloved heroes to take him down. Can Spider-Man and Black Panther work together to keep Vibranium out of Doc Ock’s eight hands – or will the villain turn the tide? ALL-NEW ALL-AGES SERIES. ‘Marvel Super Hero Adventures is a chance to introduce the great heroes of Marvel to a brand new generation in exciting stories with lessons, adventures, and action that readers of all ages have come to expect from the House of Ideas. Each issue features Spider-Man teaming up with characters both classic, such as Black Panther and Doctor Strange, and popular new faces like Ms Marvel. Together they battle villains like Doc Ock, Taskmaster, Venom and more. This is the book you can pick up and share with anyone from your kids to your friends.’ – Writer, Jim McCann ALL-AGES”

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