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First Impression: SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN [2019] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2019

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN [2019] #1I loved this show as a kid, and this series looks exceptional. It takes place back in the 1970’s, so it’s like a new beginning for the franchise.

“CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS (The Unbelievable Gwenpool. Secret Agent Deadpool. Adventure Time. I Am Groot.) and DAVID HAHN (Batman ’66. Bombshells: United.) proudly present a story from a time when there wasn’t internet, but there WERE cyborgs. It’s the 1970s. Things are going great. Steve Austen (used to be an astronaut, now has robo-parts and a laser eye) heads to Japan to help Secret Agent Niko Abe stop a madman with missiles. Steve figures, no sweat. But then…sweat. How’s Steve going to complete his mission, when his fancy $6,000,000 body starts (DRASTICALLY) depreciating in value?”

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