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First Impression: WAILING BLADE [2019] #1

by Glenn Snow | March 13th, 2019

WAILING BLADE [2019] #1This right here has all the makings of a sleeper hit.

“The Headtaker, feared executioner and wielder of the legendary Wailing Blade, kills every man who meets his gaze. And, right now, he’s looking at Tychon, an upstart bandit prince fighting to save his father from the chopping block. An oversized first issue with so much skull-splitting action, you’re guaranteed to lose your head over it. Wailing Blade is high-adrenaline fantasy adventure, in the dark future of mankind, from the mad minds of Rich Douek (Gutter Magic, TMNT) and Joe Mulvey (SCAM). Available in eye-popping Silver and Gold foil enhanced covers.”

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