At this time, we only ship to U.S. addresses. Shipping is free for all orders with a total (after any discounts, but before adding any sales tax) over $65. Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate of $4.00 for one item plus $0.75 for each additional item, up to a maximum of $13.75. Packages weighing 13 oz or less are shipped USPS First Class Parcel Mail. Packages weighing over 13 oz are shipped USPS Priority Mail. We drop shipments off at the Post Office every business day, so your order from on-hand stock will usually ship within 1 business day.

Secure Packaging

No bubble mailers or plain manila envelopes here! They can't protect your precious comic book cargo like our rigid cardboard envelopes can.

Sturdy Cardboard Envelope Protects Comics In Transit

Sturdy Cardboard Mailer - Front
Our sturdy cardboard mailers are clearly marked "DO NOT BEND" on the front and back.

Sturdy Envelope with Extra Cardboard so Comics Do Not Bend

Sturdy Cardboard Mailer - Back
For a single comic we add a piece of corrugated cardboard to give the package a bit of extra width which enhances the rigidity of the envelope. We use this envelope for up to 5-6 single comic books.

Sturdy Box with Protection for Comics in Transit

Sturdy Cardboard Fold-a-Flap Box
Beyond 5-6 comics, we use an extremely sturdy expandable fold-a-flap box. Comics are wrapped in corrugated cardboard, and packing peanuts fill the small voids on each side.
Beyond about 20-25 comics, the weight makes the USPS Priority box more economical (domestically). Comics within any size box are also wrapped in corrugated cardboard and surrounded by packing peanuts. Added security comes from the fact that every one of our standard comics comes bagged and boarded.