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Spiral Comics January 2018 Newsletter

by Glenn Snow | January 15th, 2018
JESSICA JONES [2016] #18

WELCOME Hello, comic fans! Comic books are poised for another banner year in 2018. There’s so much to look forward to, it almost makes our heads explode every month when we see the latest catalog. And if you want something to make your head explode, check out our latest announcement! As always, let us know if there is something we can track down for you…we try to cater to regular, normal newbies…crazy, intense collectors…and everyone in between (except the Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok, he’s not nice) — Glenn ANNOUNCEMENT Free Comic Book Recommendation Service Tell us your interests and we will tell you what’s available for pre-order each month. We’ve improved our website with a new FREE service– Recommendations. Since […]


by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018

This is the cosmic epic that spawned the modern-day Guardians of the Galaxy. Tons of characters you’ll recognize just from having seen the two Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies! “The explosive outer-space epic that revitalized Marvel’s cosmos. Drax the Destroyer gets a new look, a fresh purpose – and a surprising friend. But when Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, unleashes his monstrous Annihilation Wave on our universe, the galaxy’s greatest heroes – and some you might call villains – must brace for war. Annihilus’ opening salvo devastates the Nova Corps, and Richard Rider’s life is changed forever. Can he carry the Corps’ powerful Worldmind alone without going mad? Silver Surfer unites with his fellow heralds to protect Galactus, but […]

First Impression: ETERNITY GIRL [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018
ETERNITY GIRL [2018] #1 Comic Book Cover

DC’s Young Animal (DCYA) imprint is rebooting in drastically new directions this month. This mini-series introduces the newest character, Eternity Girl. “Caroline Sharp has been a lot of things, including both a superhero and a super-spy. But now, with those days behind her and her powers proving unreliable, Caroline finds herself stuck in a life weighed down by her depression and an inability to change. You see, Caroline is going to live forever, and there is no escape to be had. The very act of living reminds her that, to the rest of existence, she is an anomaly. All of that could change, however, when her old foe, Madame Atom, comes to her with an intriguing offer. Madame Atom can […]

First Impression: MARVEL’S ANT-MAN AND THE WASP PRELUDE [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will want to check out this mini-series adapting the Ant-Man movie. Can’t wait for the next one! “SCOTT LANG’s life is a bit of a mess. But when he got out of jail (yeah, jail), he swore he’d to turn it all around. Go straight. Show his daughter and ex-wife he’s worthy of being a role model. But when a ‘last score’ lands him in HANK PYM’s size-changing suit, Scott finds himself in a brand-new role: as the ANT-MAN. Hank needs someone with Scott’s skills to stop DARREN CROSS from weaponizing his size-changing technology, and it’s going to take the team of Scott, Hank and HOPE (daughter of the original WASP) to save […]

First Impression: INFINITY 8 [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018
INFINITY 8 [2018] #1 Comic Book Cover

A new wild and pulpy science fiction mystery from Lion Forge! Looks great! “A city sized space cruiser runs into a field of debris between galaxies, and it is up to the ship’s top eight security agents to figure out how to circumnavigate it. Investigating eight different parallel timelines, the agents uncover multiple plots that together could spell the end of the ship’s massive interspecies population ?The debut of a far out, pulpy, sci fi series of parallel adventures in the tongue in cheek tradition of the original Heavy Metal, but for a new generation. ?Eight different 3 issue arcs explore each of the agents parallel investigations, each by a different creative team of the most popular creators in France: […]

First Impression: NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018

The New Mutants get a new mini-series. This team, lead by Magic, is Wolfsbane, Rictor, Boom Boom, and Strong Guy. “THEY AREN’T JUST THE X-MEN IN TRAINING ANYMORE. The New Mutants are launching themselves headfirst into some of the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe, going on the missions no one else will. But does the team know what they are really hunting for? And what are they willing to do to get it? The enigmatic MAGIK will lead her team of WOLFSBANE, RICTOR, BOOM-BOOM and STRONG GUY and bring them face-to-face with paranormal threats that they may not be prepared for, and that might just tear them apart. Rising-star writer Matthew Rosenberg (PHOENIX RESURRECTION) teams up with future superstars […]

First Impression: CROW: MEMENTO MORI [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018

A new Crow seeks holy vengeance against those who murdered him and his girlfriend. Fans of the cult classic film and its sequels will undoubtedly love this! “James O’Barr’s iconic character returns in an original story developed by Edizioni BD in collaboration with IDW. Follow David, the new Crow, through the streets of Rome, as he seeks holy vengeance against the terrorists that murdered him and his girlfriend. Each issue also includes a short story by Micol Beltramini and Angelo Mennillo.” Buy It Now Related shopping tags: CROW


by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018

Here’s another first time in print trade paperback, part of Marvel’s Marvel Premiere Graphic Novel (MPGN) line. It’s a throwdown by a couple of Marvel’s heaviest in classic tradition. “An Elder of the Universe has come to Earth, and he means to battle our planet’s strongest hero. But will Thor and Hulk ever agree on which one of them that is? Of course not. Asgard’s Avenger and the green goliath will have to run a gauntlet of impossible challenges to prove their worthiness to face down this cosmic menace – but what’s really waiting for them at the finish line? And can even the two mightiest heroes on the planet smash their way out of this one? Find out in […]

First Impression: INFIDEL [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018
INFIDEL [2018] #1 Comic Book Cover

High praise coming in from industry peers for this one, and it’s not even out yet. Definitely worth a look! “A haunted house story for the 21st century, INFIDEL follows an American Muslim woman and her multiracial neighbors who move into a building haunted by entities that feed off xenophobia. Bestselling editor PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE (Swamp Thing) makes his comics-writing debut alongside artist extraordinaire AARON CAMPBELL (The Shadow), award-winning colorist and editor JOS? VILLARRUBIA (Promethea) and letterer / designer JEFF POWELL (SCALES and SCOUNDRELS).” Buy It Now

First Impression: GREEN HORNET [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | January 13th, 2018
GREEN HORNET [2018] #1

Dynamite kicks off a new Green Hornet series that picks up where the Kevin Smith series ended! Yes, more Kato! “Britt Reid Jr., the scion of the Daily Sentinel publishing empire, vanishes during a wild party on his friend’s yacht. Meanwhile, crime spikes in the streets of Century City with the mysterious criminal/secret vigilante the Green Hornet absent. It’s only a matter of time before SOMEONE puts two and two together, and it’s up to Kato, former partner of Britt’s father, and his daughter Mulan to protect the city AND the Green Hornet legacy, while finding out what happened to Britt. Amy Chu (Red Sonja, Poison Ivy, KISS) picks up where Kevin Smith left off with an action packed mystery.” […]