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First Impression: WEAPON X [2017] #1

by Glenn Snow | February 14th, 2017

I’m always excited to read more about the Weapon X program. The promise of a new WEAPON X series (offered for pre-order in this month’s Preveiews Catalog) is the promise of more super killers from the same program that produced fan favorites such as Wolverine and Deadpool. How long the new players last against the originals is another matter. The role of the Weapon X program has expanded and deepened over time in the Marvel Universe. What began as the simple mention of Wolverine’s code name–Weapon X–in his first cameo appearance in THE INCREDIBLE HULK #180 from 1974 has blossomed into an program within a larger program (the Weapon Plus Program) that produced several other agents. We’ll see what this new direction contributes to the mythos. Anyway, Greg Land does beautiful covers.

“Decades ago, the Weapon X program produced the deadliest mutant killers on the planet. Now, with more research, more funding and more Adamantium at its disposal, the Weapon X program is creating new killers for old targets: Old Man Logan. Sabretooth. Lady Deathstrike. Weapon X isn’t just experimenting on mutants anymore…it’s eradicating them. All of them.  Plus: Deadlier and more shadowy than ever, you won’t believe who’s taken the job as Director of Weapon X! Reuniting X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong creative team GREG PAK (World War Hulk) and GREG LAND (Uncanny X-Men)!”