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First Impression: REALM [2017] #1

by Glenn Snow | July 14th, 2017

REALM #1 Comic Book CoverHey now, this looks a bit like Remender’s Seven to Eternity. If this one is half as good as that, it’s definitely worth a look.

“NEW SERIES. Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth; orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors threw the entire planet into total chaos. Today, the shattered remnants of civilization must fight just to survive in a deadly new era of violence and mayhem. While a powerful sorcerer marshals his forces, a group of warriors embark on a journey to reclaim our world from the growing darkness. An all new post-apocalyptic high-fantasy adventure series from co-creators SETH M. PECK (X-Men) and JEREMY HAUN (THE BEAUTY) featuring colors by NICK FILARDI and letters by THOMAS MAUER.”