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First Impression: GOTHAM CITY GARAGE [2017] #1

by Glenn Snow | August 10th, 2017

GOTHAM CITY GARAGE [2017] #1Inspired by the statue line, this series builds a world around Wonder Woman in a sleek outfit leaning against an even sleeker Akira-esque motorcycle. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about what’s going on there? The DC Bombshells brand has had a good following, after a similar launch following an artistic origin. Fans of that line will likely enjoy the Gotham City Garage world as well.

“A new series inspired by the DC Collectibles statue line. It’s been decades since Governor Lex Luthor turned Gotham City into a modern utopia, saving his people from the devastation that made the rest of the continent a wasteland. But his city isn’t paradise for everyone. If the Lexes network misfires, and a citizen wakes up and steps out of line, the Bat and his minions are brutal in restoring the status quo. So when young Kara Gordon, whose ridealong tech has never functioned optimally, rushes headlong into the Freescape, she’s shocked to find Gotham City Garage-where new friends might become family, if she lives long enough. RATED T+”

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