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First Impression: RAGMAN [2017] #1

by Glenn Snow | August 10th, 2017

RAGMAN [2017] #1Both Ragman and Deadman get mini-series launches this month. You’re probably more familiar with Ragman, due to his appearance in the Arrowverse on television. But both characters have been around for years. Let’s see what these latest interpretations offer.

“After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners. As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it’s about to change his life. But as Rory begins his journey, an evil is invading Gotham City, and it wants what he’s discovered. A hero is born in this visionary reimagining of the Ragman mythos by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Inaki Miranda. RATED T”

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