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First Impression: STRANGE CEREBUS [2017] #1

by Glenn Snow | August 10th, 2017

STRANGE CEREBUS [2017] #1Holy total parody. This one has it all.

“First (and last?) appearances of Varkternity (Vark-Finite?) and Galactamungus (who mentions Platinum Surfer-Boy); the CIH? house drummer; reprints online strips from July-August 2016: Super-Cerebus Revenge Squad; The Whore of Babylon gets a tattoo; MILESTONE. the first time Dante suspected Cerebus and Super-Cerebus were one and the same. LeonTrotzky; Plato vs. Aristotle; Obama voters; MILESTONE. Super-Suberec, the Anti-Super-Cerebus and Cerebus go to Starbucks; hardcore Madonna fans; Wildcat: Total Golden-Age Dick the memoir; Francis’ Sacred Church of NFL Football; West Side Story, and more.”

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