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First Impression: HAWKMAN FOUND [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | September 13th, 2017

HAWKMAN FOUND [2018] #1I think Hawkman is one of the coolest characters in the DC Universe. But, he has a long and complex publishing history, uneven in his characterization. Is he an alien with an anti-gravity metal belt? Or is he a reincarnated Egyptian? This one-shot has ties to DARK NIGHTS: METAL, so he could be something else altogether. Let’s see who he is in the Rebirth Era…

“One of DC’S greatest heroes is missing. No one has seen or heard from Carter Hall-a.k.a. Hawkman-in years. Reincarnated repeatedly since the dawn of humanity, Hawkman has spent his many lives uncovering history’s most fantastic mysteries, and now he has become one himself. Take a journey into the one of the darkest corners of the DC Universe as a mysterious man tries to piece together what happened to Hawkman, and how it all connects to the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL.”

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