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First Impression: RELIC OF THE DRAGON [2018-HC]

by Glenn Snow | November 6th, 2017

RELIC OF THE DRAGON [2018-HC]Holy, choose-you-own-adventure book! That’s what this is…but in a comic format. I know. So cool.

“The classic you-choose-the-story format jumps to comics with this dungeon-crawling fantasy adventure for young readers. Urik the dwarf will need help from his trusty spirit guide if he’s to find the mysterious Dragon Relic, a quest assigned to him by the gods. There’s just one little problem: that spirit guide is you. New dangers and new decisions loom on every page. Help Urik overcome deadly demons, lying fairies, and beautiful, yet treacherous, unicorns. Will he return home a glorious champion, or fall in a hole? Combining the setting and decision-making of classic sword-and-sorcery RPGs with the captivating storytelling and art of comics, Relic of the Dragon is the adventure of a lifetime.”

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