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First Impression: ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST [2018] #1

by Glenn Snow | February 15th, 2018

ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST [2018] #1Here’s a new take on Robocop, borrowing the concept from the short-lived television show, APB, law enforcement is crowdsourced. Should work out fine.

“Brian Wood, the visionary writer behind DMZ and Briggs Land , and Jorge Coelho ( Venom, Rocket Racoon ) present a provocative vision of a future where justice is crowdsourcedc and lethal. It’s been decades since the RoboCop program first began. Corporations have taken over the schools and the government.and law enforcement is the biggest private contract of all. Traditional police forces no longer exist as all citizens are encouraged.and rewarded.to spy on their neighbors. There is only one authority on the streets: ROBOCOP.”

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