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First Impression: ARCHIE [2018] #699

by Glenn Snow | August 14th, 2018

ARCHIE [2018] #699Lest we forget that ARCHIE has been in continuous publication since 1942, ARCHIE returns to legacy numbering just before the landmark #700 issue next month. Nick Spencer is taking over, and he promises it’s not a reboot, but rather more unexplored conflicts and teen drama. If you like the Riverdale show, you should be reading the comic too!

“Follow along as Archie reflects back on the past several years of storylines including: the much-talked about #LipstickIncident, the arrival of the Lodge family, the Riverdale Civil War, the machinations of the Blossom Twins, the near-tragedy of ‘Over the Edge’ and more. This special issue sets the stage for next month’s landmark 700th issue of ARCHIE. Based on stories by Mark Waid and Ian Flynn and featuring art by an assortment of ARCHIE talents.”

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