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First Impression: AIRBOY [2019] #51

by Glenn Snow | August 11th, 2019

AIRBOY [2019] #51So, if you’ve been waiting 30 years for the next issue of AIRBOY… The. Wait. Is. Over.

“Chuck Dixon returns to the comic book that helped launch his career. This October, Airboy #51 will pick up right where Airboy #50 left off 30 years ago. The year is 1989, and Davy (AKA Airboy) has somehow escaped from the realm of his arch nemesis Misery, only to find himself randomly dumped back on Earth, in Africa at the height of Apartheid. After being saved from a coyote by a young boy, Davy meets his family, and soon finds himself embroiled in a local struggle between honest workers and a crooked Diamond mine. 8 page back-up story featuring The Heap. To celebrate this new issue of Airboy, we have variant covers by Jim Steranko, Sam Kieth, Matt Kindt, Paul Gulacy, and Dalibor Talajic.”

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