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First Impression: ROM: DIRE WRAITHS [2019] #1

by Glenn Snow | August 11th, 2019

ROM: DIRE WRAITHS [2019] #1IDW is building their Hasbro stable back up…the return of Rom!

“‘Inhumanauts,’ Part 1: In 1969, two American astronauts became the first humans to set foot on Earth’s moon… but they found something inhuman waiting for them. With Rom the Spaceknight nowhere in sight, can even the Earth Corp help prevent one giant leap for Wraithkind? Plus. Find out where Rom is in a special back-up story with art by Guy Dorian Sr. and Rom legend Sal Buscema. * The return of Rom. * Helmed by Rom fan-favorite writer Chris Ryall and new-to-ROM artist Luca Pizzari (Weapon X, Black Knight).”

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