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Cool Cover Alert: VARK WARS [2019] #1

by Glenn Snow | September 12th, 2019

VARK WARS [2019] #1Star Wars fans take note of this parody issue from independent comic legend Dave Sim.

“Batvark decides to remake Star Wars as a ‘Post-Modern Deconstructionist Production’. Dante as Producer. Talking Cerebus into starring as ‘Luke’. Satan as Princess Leia. Making light sabres out of fluorescent bulbs filled with gasoline. Who will be ‘Han Solo’? Jingles? Cerebus? Batvark? (Still casting on page 12, this is so not looking good.) Francis as Obi-Wan? (Page 20 and Francis is ‘out’ as Obi-Wan). Beatrice as the princess leia hologram (‘Help me, Dan-te Alighieri, you’re my only hope.’) She looks like her. She sounds like her. Let’s make her the trailer and ’round-file’ the rest of this. Don’t miss the Earth-One Ending. Don’t miss the Earth-Two Ending.”

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